Adjusting to new approaches

I am not sure I can explain this very well, but does anyone else get flustered when faced with new approaches to things ?

I will be moving near my stepdaughter and she is talking about my doing more going to the supermarket to shop and less online shopping.
I feel more comfortable doing online shopping and have a routine of kinds albeit a rather simple one. Quite frankly I get thrown organising myself to shop in store , and am bad at making shopping lists. I tend to get overwhelmed by the vast array of items on display and often find myself randomly picking up items that just take my fancy. Call it unstructured shopping if you will.

I know my stepdaughter means well but I am anxious especially as my shopping skills in store are poor.

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I don’t see anything wrong with a little impulse shopping. As for shopping lists… just do whatever you currently do when shopping online, right? Instead of clicking BUY for an online product, jot it down on a scrap of paper and voila, you made a list for when you go to the supermarket. Just my 2 cents.

Anyway, your stepdaughter has more leverage on you than I do, but we both agree that you should start changing your routines a little bit, one baby ant step at a time, to be more dynamic and ultimately to feel better in your skin…

Ur grand daughter is god send to u …she really deserve love affection and respect…so respect her @firemonkey …