Adjusting my supplements due to inflation

I really can’t justify spending more on my supplements so I’m adjusting my usage.

It’s not going so well so far. :joy:

I basically use supplements to chill me out and counteract the anxiety Abilify causes.

The supplements that work for me (and may not work for you) in this respect are

Beta alanine
Broccoli sprout extract

L-theanine is the $$$ money problem. The brand I want is quite expensive now given how much I use. I use a lot.

So I’ve cut back my usage of that.

I’m using more taurine and beta alanine.

But like I said, I really notice how much L-theanine was helping in other ways now that I’ve cut back.

Maybe I’ll get used to it.


Can’t you get the doctor to prescribe something for the anxiety?

Not sure what country you’re in, but here you pay a flat charge for all meds

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Hope the other supplements can weigh up for L-theanine. If not maybe you could take a chance on a cheaper brand(which is also reputable and well known).

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I mostly buy from, they have the best prices and cheap shipping to Canada. Its a US store.

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I use Swanson vitamins that used to be inexpensive…
NAC , fish oil, b vitamins. Occasionally take TMG, taurine,etc.
Cold water on my face works strongly on my anxiety and is free. I do every day. May reset the vagus nerve. Progressive Muscle Relaxation as shown on YouTube also helps me at bedtime.
NAC is my effective anxiety supplement.


I wish it didn’t give me side effects, I had a rash and all my body was itching after taking NAC. Maybe I am allergic to it.

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It might be the filler in it. Maybe a different brand?
I only get a rash from niacin.

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I hope so as I used Dr Best brand before. I just bought the Now Foods brand. If I get a rash and itching again I am surely allergic to NAC. I hope it works though!

I bought from them a few times, since then they send me their monthly news letter/magazine.

I am cutting out all my suppliments and giving up cable and my landline phone. Companies are taking advantage of the crisis, it doesn’t have to be this bad!


The multi-billion dollars industry which can rivalizeze with real pharmaceutical companies and drugs are going to be in pain :joy::joy: