Adjunctive memantine in clozapine-treated refractory schizophrenia: an open-label 1-year extension study πŸ’Š

In the 1-year extension phase the favourable effect of adjunctive memantine on memory was sustained and we observed further improvement of negative, positive and overall symptoms in patients with clozapine-treated refractory schizophrenia.


Is anyone here in the study or trying Memantine? Please post your results.

I think @anon93437440 was trying it. What’s new, mate?

Hi. I tried memantine + clozapine combination 5 years ago. I think my negative and positive symptoms improved. But for some reason I didn’t feel right so I quit taking it. I think the dosage of memantine was 5 mg/day

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I take 10 mg morning and 10 mg night


I was locked and I thought I was suspended. I only posted the above post because the need for the moment came. Thanks.