ADHD vs Bipolar?

Ok. Here I go talking bipolar here. But many people are dx’d with bipolar and ADHD here.

What are the similarities and differances between bipolar and ADHD?

My pdoc says I might be bipolar. I refuse to listen to her. I say it’s ADHD. I have ADHD dx since 2002.

Similarities I have recognized:

  • hyperactivity in speach and mind
  • unability to focus on boring tasks
  • brain locks on “hyperdrive” at night

Is there more? I won’t put lithium in my body and destroy it. I want to show my pdoc it is ADHD making me not sleeping.

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You can have both bipolar disorder and ADHD - these 2 conditions sometimes exist together.

There are a lot of similarities between these 2 disorders and some differences.


Just be careful if you’re taking stimulants and are bipolar, they can easily induce manic episodes.

Stimulant induced psychosis has very similar symptoms to a manic episodes and quite a few people have been misdiagnosed due to this.

Personally, if I take much adderall at all, I almost immediately go into a manic episode.


I had Concerta, a stimulant, for 7 years, without problems. Then I stopped sleeping, got psychotic. Stopped them immediately. Still more psychotic. Got meds and still get prepsychotic. I’m not depressed, nor manic now. Still I hear people call me names. Believe others can hear my thoughts.

Sometimes there are changes in your body over time.
It could cause your medication to act differently in your body.

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