ADHD is not a fake illness

The headline on this dubious health website reads: “ADHD is a FAKE Disease Invented by Big Pharma to Drug Children for Profit.” Every bit of that headline is made up, ironically – it’s fake. I have written about ADHD previously, and also about mental illness denial itself. This is a common theme among proponents of alternative medicine or snake oil treatments, because it is a rhetorically convenient way to attack mainstream medicine and bolster medical conspiracy theories.

Let me dispense with the easy parts first – the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was not “invented by Big Pharma.” Unsurprisingly, the article provides exactly zero evidence to support this conspiracy claim. Right there the author of this article, and the hosting site, have lost all credibility. This is a specific and dramatic factual claim. Any responsible journalist, or author on a site that takes it upon itself to dispense medical advice, would have invested the five minutes it would take to discover that it is not true.


All the people I know with ADHD say it’s a real illness but they also say they were put on meds way too young. I know about five people who have ADHD and they’re all drug addicts. They attribute it a lot to being prescribed meds at such a young age getting them hooked onto mind altering substances. It’s like the opiate epidemic :mask:. People need pain pills if they’re in pain, but they’re over prescribed and what not


Well they have a good excuse either way but I think they just messed up their excuse. They want to blame the doctors but it’s probably more their illnesses fault. Good to know. They do love their weed. They also seem to like speed. Because it relaxes them right, rather than stimulating them??

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My daughter had ADHD. It’s definitely real. I think it was caused by food allergies but it wasn’t fake

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I wish they offered critical thinking courses somewhere. I’m very illogical, so it’s hard to sort through the refuse pushed by any idiot with a keyboard and no citations/evidence.

I met someone with ADHD. Her mind was racing way ahead of her mouth. I don’t remember whether she was taking medication, but if so, it wasn’t helping. She’d stand around for an hour or so late nights BS-ing with the cashier guy. She had three kids at home, she said. I didn’t ask who was taking care of them in her absence. She didn’t own a phone, she said. Dunno. I wanted to help, but my own situation was bad last time I ran into her. It was a shame.

Yes. It is a common label often overused by parents and teachers. Yet, there are subgroups of that group that have a condition that will improve significantly with proper evaluation and treatment.

True ADHD is a serious disorder. 3-5 times as many car accidents, more job changes and an increased divorce rate all are associations with uncontrolled adult ADHD. The key is proper diagnosis and medical management.

Yeah, the nuts and bolts mechanisms of ASD and ADHD and related attentional disorders are slowly being teased apart. ASD seem to have developmental neuronal migration deficits in common. I cannot think of a cognitive disorder that does not in some way have an effect on some aspect of attention or vigilance.

Personally I recall a world before the current Prussian School System and Corporate/Military System in history where kids were not ever expected to pay attention to stranger’s ciphers on paper and chalk boards.

So here is nature going along for millions of years, and then suddenly someone says you have to decipher what the stranger is saying. When they don’t do it though, what happens? In the past they hit kids. They can’t hit kids now, so what can they do?

In the jungles the tribe people hallucinate in a magic world not differently than sz’s that are strayed on the streets. The ones in the jungles with spears, arrows, and axes are called religious, and that has been the way humans were for more thousands of years than can be believed. Then written language comes along, knowledge is accumulated, and logic is believed rather than myth. Now the one on the street will get killed for what ancient ones would do if they were him, and the ancient ones would be praised by their tribe for doing what they would do to others or the animals or whatever they did like making religious ceremonies out of things they imagined to be real.

But ultimately attention I have learned is earned. I do not contest people’s disinterest. It’s their choice, and the choice is made by their brain. So is their brain a problem that I should be the one to sell a fix for? No. It’s not my say in any aspect of that situation as it is a personal thing in that mind.

My brother was described ADD, and he strived very hard socially but not academically. He survived just fine very socially and not academically never needing anything lower schools offered him which is most commonly the case. He lived in a very antisocial and asocial house fairly isolated in the rural areas. He was beaten a lot by his dad, and his mother and bother were meddled with very much too.

Had he have been in a very social life from the time he was born, would he have succeeded academically. My hypothesis is yes, and I’m starting a project to show if that is true or not.

There’s a significant overlap with oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder too. Probably the difficulty with inhibition and self regulation and anxiety.

My nephew has Asperger’s and ADHD. My son might have it along with his autism. After a burst of energy they’re so burnt out. I get really irritated when people say it’s not real. I mean a hundred years ago they thought lead was good for you. People forget that science and medicine has come along way in the past thirty years or so. I mean when my son is an adult they might have a better understanding of other mental health problems.

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