Adenosine stops cannabis memory/brain damage [article]

Adenosine is a chemical that raises once you quite caffeine. Caffeine competes with adenosine.

If you find you may have cannabis induced memory problems, then try raising adenosine levels.

It takes 15 days for adenosine receptors to return to normal after stopping caffeine.

Adenosine protects the memory from chronic cannabis abuse.

If you feel your memory is bad, try raising adenosine.

Adenosine is not only found in the brain, but all of your body, like heart, bones and muscles etc.

I hope this helps anyone.

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its said in this paper that “antagonism” of adenosine receptor which means “lowering” adenosine has beneficial effect on memory.

the research title ===>Memory deficits induced by chronic cannabinoid exposure are prevented by adenosine A2AR receptor antagonism

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Ok thanks @MIDO

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Caffeine can also increase adenosine if used in high amounts, so there may be some truth to my post, but yeh my wrong lol

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Yes, just like antipsychotics, when caffeine blocks adenosine, the brain compensates by producing more adenosine receptors. Probably why long term use of caffeine rather increases adenosine. :person_shrugging:

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That’s exactly what I read.

If you drink more caffeine, the longer you drink it , it increases adenosine receptors in the brain, so when you quit caffeine you produce a whole lot more adenosine because the receptors have grown to compensate for the increase of caffeine.

That’s why heavy caffeine drinkers feel extremely tired when first quitting caffeine.

Actually I just thought about it and I was right about quitting caffeine.

I thought I had lots of energy because I thought my adenosine levels where high after quitting caffeine, but it’s actually because my adenosine levels are lowering from quitting caffeine that I have more energy.

So I thought quitting coffee would raise my adenosine levels, but instead it’s lowered them. Excellent the article was write and I was right.

Man this is good stuff

Or dont smoke pot chronically haha.

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It took me 1 year to cut down on caffeine before I completely quit. I would have one coffee in morning and leave it 2 hours before I ate because caffeine can inhibit and even stop thiamine (vitamin b1) absorption.

So I started eating more ham and sunflower seeds to raise my thiamine, but leave it 2 hours after coffee so my thiamine levels would raise, and it even helped me quit caffeine (the thiamine).

I done that for nearly a year, until I completely quit caffeine.

The first year I felt quite drained but leaving the caffeine 2 hours before I ate any foods helped me get minerals and vitamins I wouldn’t usually get.

But after time my tiredness raised into energy. Now I’m sleeping better and losing weight.


I found this article a while back. It’s how caffeine can affect some schizophrenia patients negatively, especially the paranoid type.

I used to get very anxious, not so much paranoid but quitting caffeine has helped me.