Adele Sweeps The Grammys

Anyone see the Grammys last night? Adele won for best song (Hello) and best album (25).

Chance the Rapper took best new artist, 21 Pilots won something for their song Stressed, which they accepted in their underwear.

There were tributes to the musical artists that passed away in 2016, with special tributes to Prince and George Michael.

Oh, the late David Bowie won for something.


I actually don’t like Adele’s music. :persevere:


I have tickets to her concert and the only song I ever listened to is hello


I don’t have cable so I missed it but maybe I can get a recap on youtube or something. Hope you’re doing well big guy.

I might sell them eventually I wouldn’t say I’m interested that much no idea why I got the tickets maybe cos they were hard to get lol and I had something to prove

Did Metallica perform with Lady Gaga?
How was it?
I missed the Grammies last night.
Any one know?

I’m with you @everhopeful! When I was at the hairdresser on Saturday, an Adele song came on. As if being at the hairdresser isn’t painful enough as it is without that happening to my ears.


I like Adele. I think she’s got a lot of talent. I always sing along with her songs when they come on the radio.

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I don’t know what people see in Adele.

I watched the Grammy’s last night. Lady Gaga’s performance was awesome and I am a big Adele fan so it all worked out for me.

I didn’t watch it or anything but I heard that she broke down over white guilt because she thought beyonce should’ve won it.

Ya, she did break down