Addressing the Importance of Sleep in those with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders

In this latest BMC podcast, we speak to Sophie Faulkner, an occupational therapist from the Greater Manchester and Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, about the need to address sleep appropriately in those with schizophrenia spectrum disorders.


One thing I am regularly asked at the depot clinic is about my sleep.

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I generally get about 6-7 hours. But not really on a regular schedule. For instance I was up till 4am last night.

I really need to get my sleep disturbance addressed. I sleep 13 hours every goddamn day. I usually get to sleep at about the same time, so that’s not an issue. But 13 hours, what a heck?! And it’s very superficial, aka even slight noises wake me up.

I take a bunch of stuff that helps with sleep, but I’d recommend melatonin up to 3g. Also I fully support getting enough sleep as I’ve had psychosis brought on by not enough. So I make sure i get 8 hours.

Ever since I started taking 6 mg of Melatonin every night, before bed, I have been getting pretty good nights sleep every night. I would recommend everybody at least try it. You can get it over the counter at most drug or grocery stores.

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