Addiction is a response to childhood suffering

The article also goes on to discuss how stress and the denial of it causes physical illness.

Many of us escaped reality with drugs and alcohol so thought it might be of interest.

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Some of us Kids Jus Didn’t Care what Our Parents Had to Say … ,

Especially if it was always Lashes of Some Controlling Factor … ,

e(Y)e Grew up and Came up with thee idea , that , “honor thy mother and thy father” was a Spiritual Joke … ,

Tha Parents would be Pushy and God would Laugh at our “negative” Responses … … …

Surely… I was some kind alcoholic when I was 12,13… After my parents separated and after a lot of fights at home…

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I think addiction is just a response to suffering in general.

I’ve never struggled with substance abuse myself. On some occasions I have gotten drunk to deal with horror but it doesn’t happen often because I hate alcohol, the taste, the uncertainty over the exact amount I need to get drunk but not sick and thus risking horrible hangovers every time I do it. However to say I have no experience with addiction whatsoever would be a lie…it’s just not substance-related.

Personally I find sleep trumps all else as a method of escape. You are literally gone from reality. Though I may be biased as I am a lucid dreamer who basically lives as a god in my dreams much of the time, so it’s one hell of an escape.


personally, i think addiction is the fallout of poor judgment. you make a choice every time you use. yes, sometimes those choices are made under duress, but many of life’s choices are made under duress.

The thing with that is that many people who form addictions their addictions begin in their teens. Of course teenagers show bad judgment and are impulsive, that’s what being a teenager is.

Saying addiction is a result of bad judgment places stigma on those struggling and shames them for choices many of them made when they were just dopey yet also very troubled teens that were doing what they could to cope with probably complex issues they had no idea what to about at the time.

One’s judgement is biased and controlled out of life experience. It is often subliminal and out of one’s control. It’s not really a conscious choice between extreme suffering and trying to escape it, it just happens.

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Addiction seems to be trying to recreate something that went wrong into something we have control over, at least in our minds anyway.

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And when the drug takes control it no longer is the drug takers life. It becomes solely the possession of the drug, almost as if personal choice is taken away and the life becomes null and void; as is subconsciously desired when the trauma of life is so unbearable and with the inability to deal with it. More often than not based on childhood trauma undealt with as exemplified by the article.

Suddenly can’t quote anything, but man alive am I a sleep addict and my cat is my enabler.


Sad thing is every morning you wake up there is a chance to break that cycle.
There is nothing you can do to stop addiction, and there in lies the beauty…you just stop doing it.

Unless one faces up and deals with trauma of the past, stopping addiction just by the suggestion of 'just stop doing it" is as blind as it comes.

It is only the points of addressing issues and gaining connection can addiction be stopped and dealt with.