Addicted to Sugar

Breaking Sugar addiction allows us to lead less addicted lives. Somehow Sugar is soothing so it’s believable it is often craved. Too often other foods with wrong Cholesterol, Carbohydrates and Salt are consumed with Sugar.


its important to note that you do need some types of sugar, so be sure that you dont try to eradicate it all; and of course the occasional treat is okay. everything in moderation!


I switched to using stevia in my coffee last week. Its alright

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I call BS. There is imo ‘easy’ way to kick any addiction. That’s why it’s addiction.

Btw: food is one of the most difficult addictions to break. You can survive without tobacco or alcohol, but you have to eat. So you’re forced to ‘moderate’ your addiction. It’s the most difficult addiction I’ve dealt with.


Im thankful im not much of a foodie (food lover). I mostly eat for surviving so i think that helps me not overeat. Like i can eat 2 oreos from a box and be ok with that being enough.

I like sugary cereal and pizza though. And fast food burgersssss :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


i entirely agree with you: food addictions are very difficult to moderate.
i think that the context of addiction in the blog is more of a rhetoric than actual definition of ‘addiction.’ i even find the vagueness of ‘withdrawal symptoms’ to be a bit fishy.

candida is a fungus in our stomachs that helps the body process starches. the sugar craving comes from excess candida in the stomach, which is enduced by a high diet of sugar and refined carbs since the candida grow on it. a high amount of candida may encourage using sugar to cope with negative emotions or stress. this type of ‘addiction’ is by far probably easiest to fix and the least serious, unless youre diabetic or have blood pressure issues. being that candida is a fungus/yeast (?), it dies quick when ‘starved’ of its food, and will return to normal levels after restricting high sugar or carb intake for a bit. you certainly wont develop a sugar addiction (or candida overgrowth) with moderated sugar intake.

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That’s good advice.

I’ve had weight problems since I was 7 years old when I was first out on meds for adhd.

Still pissed me off that I was forced to take medication at such a young age because of (more than likely) shitty parenting.

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Prob wont make you feel any better but parents refused docs advice to give me adhd meds at young age but they also were against psych meds till i was like 27.

Parents just do what they hope or think is best. Heck when i was 7 my dad was only 32 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

AP and Ritalin are two totally different anomals probably. Idk…

But I was put on Ritalin and it gave me a tic disorder. Like; a Really bad tic disorder.

Was school manageable for you w/o meds?

Imo sometimes meds are the answer. Like obviously my AP I like. But seeing a neurologist at 9 years old because of side effects is rediculous.

Idk what causes adhd.

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adhd or other autism spectrum disorders are genetic

I was very bad in school. My grades were low for most of my school. But i was able to sneak my way through to graduating atleast. Focusing was not really in my vocabulary lol


I was amazed at how much Sugar I have consumed, though. Like, as though I eat licorice, candy bars, and drink Sugary pop. Sugar is quite comforting, and sothing, so when I have amassed my efforts I typically relapse, and drink pop.

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I am addicted to Splenda, I use 6 packets in my coffee cup!

I was a heavy coffe drinker, getting it at the store, ad making about one pot a day.

I haven’t tried this one yet. A lot of these amino acids could be getting mixed up. A lot of what is becoming for this disease goes into Schizophrenia, or Depression sympoms, without adressing other addiction related issues, like caffeine, sugar, or excessive screen time, and so forth. There could be an addage though about trying to quit something as a habit without taking a Nootropic.

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