Addicted to smoking

The physical act of smoking. I don’t think I am addicted to tobacco OR weed. It’s the oral fixation of smoking that really appeals to me. Smoking my cigars (yes I know they’re terribad for you) but it really satisfies my urge to smoke. Even though it was weed not tobacco I was struggling with

Seems I always replace one vice with another. But almost think it’s better to die (in 30 years) than to be high on weed for the next 60 and never truly live life

Yeah it’s not so cut and dry like that and I know tobacco death is miserable but this is what I feel.

I will quit tobacco soon. But in the meantime it is helping me not smoke/buy weed

I’m giving myself one more chance. If I relapse again it’s straight to IOP where they will drug test me.

I used to smoke plain old cigarettes then I went to vaping. I quit on October 10th of this year. I have had small urges only. Its still difficult at times.

I vape typically but right now I need cigars as a VICE to help me not be in complete discomfort. The vape works usually but I just have this craving to smoke smoke smoke

I already feel smarter from stopping yesterday. My mind was so cloudy. I was so smart back in June then I started hanging out with my new friend and he has a medical card and always has weed and it’s hard to turn it down every time. Might need to separate from him. Then I’ll have no real friends… maybe should join iop.

What happened to your kanger vape?

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I’m hooked on smoking the only real bad thing, I have not been able to walk away from

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I still have it. Holding it right now lol. I just am vaping and smoking cigars. At least till the two packs run out.

What’s the only really bad thing? I can think of a lot of really bad things to smoke lol.

Drinking, I woke up one morning years ago and said enough of that and never went back to it


I’ve been cutting back how much I’m willing to drink at any one time because it totally wreaks me the next day at my age. I’d say 3 beers max and then only every few weeks


What does IOP stand for?

Intensive out patient

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