Addicted to anti psychotics?

my mother in law saw a horror movie where a woman was addicted to anti psychotics and said I am addicted as well and need to seek help for the addiction.

You need to create a filter in your head for the stuff your in laws tell you. You need them for sanity, not because you’re addicted, you know this.


I know its just I’m easily worried. I just got a refill of my latuda so I’m all stocked up again. The in laws scare me sometimes with their opinions

they are not very bright and sort of fat (your in-laws).


I sometimes am easily shaken too. I’m feeling a bit better lately… Maybe my HP is bringing me somewhere good☺

I wouldn’t say you’re addicted so much to anti psychotics as you are dependent on them. I don’t think anybody craves them as a vacation from reality.

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everyone has good points, @crimby you are very right. i’m also on benzos but my mother in law hasn’t bugged me about those in a long time

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Looked up that last word and found troglodyte. Seems to fit.[quote=“mortimermouse, post:4, topic:53288”]

Sorry you have to be around such insufferable people cbbrown. :sunny:


I loved this post so much back then, that I had to go find it and dig it up.

Excellent metaphor for why no one should consider their meds an “addiction” and neurotypicals who accuse us of being “addicted” just don’t get it.


that is a great way to think of it,