Adderall and sza not the best mix

I was tired of the tolerance to my armodafinil, it was basically like I wasn’t on a narcolepsy med anymore. My doctor thought trying a traditional (stronger?) stimulant may help this. So I was put on Adderall XR. At the 10 mg dose I was started at there wasn’t much of an effect, I was still overly tired, needing 2-3 hour naps a day, needing to drink a ton of caffeine to function. The next dose up was 20 mg so I tried that and it worked great for a couple days but then I started noticing I was getting random spells of paranoia, disrupted sleep, and bizarre racing disorganized thoughts. I feel a bit unhinged. So I think I will have to stick to the armodafinil and just every once in a while go off it for a week and be miserable to lose tolerance.

Amphetamines can cause those symptoms.

Might be best to stop or switch to a non amphetamine.

I think they call is speed balling when you mix depressants and stimulants.

That could explain your paranoia, bad sleep, racing thoughts etc.

Be careful.


Yeah, adderall is contraindicated for schizophrenia.

I took adderall, but modafinil was better for me. Ya think maybe I’m tolerated out on modafinil?