Adderall and SZ

I currently take zyprexa at night and adderall 10-15mg xr as needed in the morning. I feel great throughout the day, alert, thoughts more focused, able to work proficiently. However theres a catch. When i wake up in the morning its horrible. I feel terribly depressed and images of the past keep racing through my head making me more depressed. For example i took 15mg of adderall yesterday wrote a paper and was very efficient. When i woke up this morning i had constant thoughts about happy times as a kid which made me horribly depressed since i won’t have those experiences again and i couldn’t control those thoughts from flowing in. It doesn’t stop until i take my adderall but the problem is you build a tolerance. Its kind of a double edged sword. Im writing this so i remember how i feel about it when i talk to my pdoc (since its hard for me to remember how i feel or at least put it into words when i talk with my doc) and if anyone has advice.

Print it out and take it to your appointment!

Adderal is Speed, right? When I was young, the buzz was, “Speed Kills.”

I wanted Provigil, but my insurance company required I first be tried on the cheaper stuff. Adderal is cheap!

I liked Adderal Okay, but i held out for modafinil.


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Its in the same class (amphetamine) not exactly the same substance. But in low doses like 15mg it has great benefit in my disorganized thinking and possibly slight ADD. However its just when it leaves the body is when its problematic

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Uh well, that’s part of taking drugs, itching for the next dose. Meds have the opposite effect when they leave your system, by the way. That is what is behind a crash off of coffee, ect.

I just live with feeling like ■■■■ every morning as I take drug after drug. But ask your pdoc. There might be something he can do.