Added 2 mg of risperidone to my 700 mg of quetiapine

I had to be assessed by the hospital’s mental health crisis team a couple of days ago. They scheduled an appointment with my psychiatrist hours later and now I am taking 2 mg of risperidone in addition to 700 mg of seroquel. I don’t know if it’s going to work. Something happened to my progress suddenly and I might still end up in the psychiatric ward again from paranoia and depression, so I may disappear from the forums for a while. If anybody cares, I will post as soon as I can. The doctor is confident in risperdal. Might qualify for ECT (as a more durable last resort).

Take care, everyone.

hoping the best for you

I am on 2 mg of Risperdal. Good potent/usually effective drug - good luck with it!

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I started 3mg Risperdal recently and it’s great. The only side-effects I have are some drowsiness, an appetite, and I get a stuffy nose from it. I’ve also had a sore mouth but don’t know if that’s related to the Risperdal. It’s really helped with hearing voices and paranoia and I hope it can do the same for your symptoms.

Thanks guys,

The risperidone hit hard. It’s nice. I can’t believe it. There are videos making it out to be such a bad drug, but I s’pose anti-pharma is a trendy thing these days. Glad to hear that it’s working for others as well. I think I can remain an outpatient with this medication.