I have never been diagnosed but am quite sure i have all symptoms of ADD (and perhaps on the border of burn out, which exaggarates the ADD).

Today i - AGAIN - forgot the appointment with my doctor. She told me i need to solve my issues with forgetfulness and disorganisation. I called to apologize as soon as i discovered and agreed immediately, but asked her - id love to, but how? She said i need to think of that myself and just need to try better. That is not it though…i tried to think of visiting her all day long to not forget…then something stressful happened, i was in tears and - bam - it totally disappeared from my mind.

I really really really do try my very best. But my job plus mum just being diagnosed with cancer plus all the rest of life is totally overwhelming for me.

I understand that it is annoying for them, i truly do, but i find “just try a little harder” slightly offensive. I tried so hard that im almost burn out.

I truly want to solve this, but i genuinely dont see how. :confused: Any ideas?

Do the drs refuse to test you for add? If so find another one.

Also I had a life coach who told me to get a daily planner and write down the night before what I needed to do the next day. She said it puts in your mind subconsciously what to do.

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Thanks! The last doc never tested me at all. When i asked, they only asked for autism testing and refused a broader test that includes ADD.

With this new doc i again asked for a test and told the executive function issues were the most prominent, even more than psychosis… But they just overlooked it and only spoke about other things. They complain about me being forgetful and chaotic, but they seem to see it as indifference and not trying.

I might look for another pdoc again.

Thanks! I will try with the planner! I do have a planner but i fill it out in advance.

Thanks. I scored 9 out of 9 on inattention, not too much on hyperactivity. It said i might have the inattentive type.

There are all sorts of causes possible of course…add, sz, burn out, meds, brain damage caused by a hard blow to the head.

I do kind of wish they looked beyond “how stupid of you to not show up” to…why? Of course, it is stupid…but it is not indifference.

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In school, ADHD symptoms in girls may get overlooked because females are more likely to have inattentive ADHD, which doesn’t have the visible behavior problems that hyperactive/impulsive ADHD usually does.

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Thanks! Haha, this list in the article made me laugh out loud at times! That is me. :slight_smile:

I do have impulsivity and some restlessness as well. True hyperactivity not too much.

Set your alarms on your phone. I add soft lead in music so it doesn’t frighten me.

At the moment my phone-with-alarm is broken and i forget to fix it. :wink: But yes, that would be good! I have a day of tomorrow, fixing the phone is a good plan for then.

Might also just be the cognitive effects of sz? Does anybody else have this?

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