Adapt to it


When you think you got your reality figured out, I have tried this approach. It could be your self esteem how you view other people, how they treat you. So many things. But there are some basic principles to life that remain the same every day or is there not?

What goes on inside the body, may always change. But instead of latching a static mind view, reality flows ahead and its a like a fish that is hard to catch.

We are disciplined daily with our jobs, hobbies and passions. But what goes on inside us, is us. Look out to the external and there you may find some static things. But even that too changes.

So this outlook on life adapt to the change also becomes obsolete. We musn t dwell too deeply on it. We take care of ourselves, and we may destroy ourselves.

I barely pulled through this big computer hacker nsa password crap, I about lost my marbles. I do not care no more about it. It triggered me a lot.

But now we remain focus, money is the motive, and people are only as awesome as you make them to be.

I been controlling my senses actively since a friend said they were out of whack, slightly offended I replied no actually my senses are keen. But that gave me insight on what we need to do to exchange aspects on just what is exactly going on with each other.

Remember earth is small there are many people you will never meet them all. What is my place in life? Well I am right here. There is no other. If we wake up a bit sometimes I have to be like a drill seargent to my senses because they are so misaligned at times.

Tomorrow I wonder what it will be like. To all god bless this one big family you can choose to be a loner not a part but obviously we were created to get along no matter how deep our deluded prejudice is. Its still all love where I come from.


Adapt to change–yes. But just don’t make it come too fast. My worldview, my sense of self, my idea of reality is the ground on which I stand on. Remove it and I will fall…



That is a strong reality, gravity. Mine is opposite I look up to the night sky and ponder.


Reality is just an illusion…not like solipsism, but like a whisp of smoke. People always say matter is not solid and is 99% empty space, that’s an interesting fact. What’s more interesting, however, is how this not-solid-matter is actually even more mysterious. Everything we see, touch, hear, taste, and smell is all energy caught in a higgs field that has slowed enough to interact with other bosons. In a way our whole existence is as fleeting as ‘solidified’ light.