ADA accommodation at work

Who all here has ADA accommodations at work? I’m having a conference call with our ADA specialist and my boss tomorrow to discuss me cutting down to 4 days a week and being allowed to call off one additional day a week if needed for mental health reasons. But problem is these special circumstances only last till September. Then I’m expected to go back to full time.

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I had special accommodations given to me when I was working as a special Ed aide (paraprofessional).

You have this right.

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I don’t see this happening.

And if they do give you an accommodation they’ll look for a reason to can you down the road .

Once that happens there are steps you can take.

This is how things work around me anyway

Hoping thing work out.


I have accommodations that allow me to work from home. I don’t know how it works elsewhere, but where I work it also doubles as protection so they can’t just fire you in the future. They have to go through the layers of accommodation first and then only fire you if you can’t perform and they can’t accommodate you anymore. It puts responsibility on the employer to assist you because, as stated above, it’s your right to have something in place.

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Any good manager will get you to quit before firing someone who falls under the ADA

Firing someone who requires a reasonable accommodation is a risk management can’t take.

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That’s true too, yep.

I don’t have any accommodations but I work from home and take lots of breaks. Although I have 104 hours of disabled veteran leave, 115 hours of sick leave and 95 hours of annual leave I haven’t used yet. I can take all the time off I want.

I had ADA accommodations at a job before.

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What were your accommodations @Ninjastar?

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