Acute v chronic

Acute- more likely to have good spells functioning wise punctuated by very bad spells
Chronic- more likely to have continual ongoing problems functioning wise but less likely to have very bad spells.

Both types need help but the acute cases are far more likely to get it(at least in the UK). Lots with chronic problems living lives of quiet desperation and unfulfillment .

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I’m assuming chronic has worse negatives?

If you are talking about schizophrenia then i would say yes. I’m diagnosed with a schizophrenia spectrum personality disorder, by definition those are chronic rather than acute.

I have acute positive symptoms of sz (mild by comparison to others) and chronic negative symptoms of sz, as well as chronic borderline personality disorder.

Hmm. I’ve never seen a diagnosis of mine say acute or chronic anything. As far as schizophrenia goes I had a six year run with it followed by a year and eight months or so symptom free followed by a mild two week episode. I’d be interested whether my case was thought acute or chronic or what really.