Actually had a good dream

My dream consisted of having abilities.

I teleported. I was waving my hands controlling people’s thoughts to remain safe from suspicions. I created fragrance when my friends didn’t like the way the room smelled, i just waved my hand around to do it.

I was making tennis balls levitate for entertainment.

And at one point i was doing card tricks for like ten people in which i attempted the very rare tetsunyaki maneuver. So yes in my dream i was trying one of the hardest card tricks in the book who’s name was imaginary made up japanese words that make no sense.

Tell me that isn’t a great dream, try and tell me that i dare you.

You know what we should all do though right? We’ll just leave reality and create our own self created dream lands where we can do and have anything that we would ever like. This is quite possible if you were to understand the brain enough, hell what im sensing right now is all just in my brain. I want to just be attached to a thing where i can program my own perfect world like a dream.

It’s the solution to all that ails us as people, creating our own world. It will be perfection for all finally.

Cool dream though am i right? Made up japanese words that are ancient and extremely difficult card tricks involving levitations. I was just moving my hands around and the cards began to float and move around, a guy goes “is that how the universe moves?!”, the cards resembled galactic rotations and things like that.

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Do you have a dream journal. I noticed how dreams started having this weird emotion feeling. Like an indescribable mood/ euphoria

No one should keep journals, ever.

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Why do you say that. Too much information

Not what i meant man.

I meant that you can’t trust the folks of earth and writing down your ■■■■ is not a good idea.

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I was going to burn everything as a celebration one day. Like a forget the past type theme

Was you lucid, sounds like you had a lot of control. Those dreams can be very therapeutic and energizing

Last night I had a dream. I dreampt that one day soon that every man would be judged by his character and not by the color of his skin".