Actually applied for something

i applied for college, i know its a bit late but an opportunity came up and i applied, i am just hoping that my confidence levels rise


be sure to get with everything they offer, the services, the computer labs, the right way to access.

Make goals.

Then meet them.


All you have to do is pass, honey, you don’t have to be the best.

I failed the second time around because I thought it was too hard to get an A.

What the hell?



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Congratulations, Daydreamer! I have faith that you’ll get in and do wonderful things.

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Congratulations daydreamer! good luck!

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i got an interview coming up for it now, bit worried about who is going to be there, maybe just all women or girls :confused:

well i went and i was told i have most of the qualifications anyway so he said i should do an SVQ along side my voluntary job, came home and died for 4hrs lol