Activities of daily living

How are you with ADLs?

A lot of my support is to do with ADLS. I have a mixed record with them.
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Basic ADLs (BADLs) consist of self-care tasks, including:[4]

Bathing and showering (washing the body)

     No physical problems but only bath about once a month. Say it's because

      i don't like bath but motivation is an issue. Strip wash every 5 or so days

Bowel and bladder management (recognizing the need to relieve oneself)

     No problem


     No physical problems  but keep same clothes on for days.Have gone from one

     extreme to the other ie sleep in clothes whereas at one point i  spent days in

     pyjamas(only dressing to go out)

Eating (including chewing and swallowing)

     No physical problems

Feeding (setting up food and bringing it to the mouth)

    Just a messy eater!

Functional mobility (moving from one place to another while performing activities)


Personal device care

   Not sure what this means

Personal hygiene and grooming (including brushing/combing/styling hair)

     See bathing. Not hot on grooming or dental care

Toilet hygiene (completing the act of urinating/defecating)

     No problems

Although not in wide general use, one mnemonic that some consider useful is DEATH: dressing/bathing, eating, ambulating (walking), toileting, hygiene.[5]
Instrumental ADLs

Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) are not necessary for fundamental functioning, but they let an individual live independently in a community:[6]


     Struggling with this one. Find it hard to do by myself. Mixture of poor motivation and

     difficulty organising myself.

Taking medications as prescribed

       Alright for fortnightly depot but not good if have to take daily oral meds

     Tendency to forget.

Managing money

    Good so long as there are not changes to the way things have to be done.

Shopping for groceries or clothing

    Mostly shop online . Rehab team come with me to get ingredients for

    cooking. Minimal clothes shopping.

Use of telephone or other form of communication

     Ok with email not so good with phone. Mostly let people

   phone me.

Using technology (as applicable)

     Can use a computer to access internet but not very technologically


Transportation within the community

         Not good. Will only use buses on a familiar route for fear of getting off

         at wrong stop and getting lost.

         Alright at getting on trains from station to station but struggle to make my way around after

         leaving the arrival station itself. Have to rely on brother re going to my sister's in London.

         Tend to  stick to comfort zone near to home. Rehab team supposed to be helping me with this

         but not much progress.

    Not mentioned but an ADL= preparing meal and cooking- Can do if not too many steps involved.

    Main problem lack of confidence and motivation.. Prefer things you can just shove in pot and put in

    oven. Still eating lots of ready meals and take aways.
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My ADL’s are much better when I"m not in negative symptoms.
I take baths and I still swim a lot. When I’m not in negative symptom I have no problem shaving and brushing the teeth. If I am in a negative swing… I have a beard and my mustache gets bit unruly, I have long hair anyway.

I’m still learning how to cook.

I can drive. I’m also good with e-mail I am horrid with the phone. I hardly call out and I hardly pick up. Not Tech savvy. I don’t have a cell phone except at work.

Learning money management. Usually just let my sister take care of all that. Learning how to remember to take my meds.

Dressing… I have help. I can physically put cloths on. But I forget to grab clean clothing.

My sister will do laundry and lay stuff out for me. I’ve lived in my p.j.'s for almost two years during a bought of negative symptom. Even then, my sis would manage to get me in clean jammies.

I’m also a messy eater sometimes and I usually eat just with my sis. Other times, when I’m nervous, I hardly eat and then take the rest home.

My sis will take me to shop for groceries. Clothing… my sis is the queen of

House work, I’m getting better. Again, my sis used to take care of that for me. But I’ve been learning how to do more. I’m Ok with stacking the dish washer. It’s like a game of tetrus.

So I have a lot of help getting through my day.

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is being a messy eater a sz thing or just being a bloke , because no matter how hard i try i always find food on me, it’s incredible.
i think i have been so good, but there it is a whole load of food that just slid of the fork, amazing !!!
take care

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I mostly get by . Many of my answers are the same as yours. I wonder how much is due to medication side effects.

I was born a messy eater…probably SZ too?
I don’t eat in restaurants anymore. No one usually has to ask what I had to eat, they can just look at my shirt.
It should all come out in the wash…I don’t care either way.

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it is always when i have put on a clean shirt and i am trying my hardest, i walk away from the table and i think i am triumphant, but sadly no , there it is the splatter of food !!
elegantly displayed on my ruined shirt…!!
take care


Being a messy eater is in my opinion not sz related. You would have to meet my hubby :wink: