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These past few days I’ve been feeling unwell and have been spending a disproportionate amount of time on the sz forum!!! This is not healthy. I spent all morning just listening to music and reading this forum at the bookstore. Ugh…

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Some time away from this forum is good. There are other things to do than going on this website like exercising, shopping and watching TV. But if you’re unwell there is no where else to discuss your mental illness than this website.

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Yeah. This web site can become addictive, essentially because people here are so much nice persons and people here help so much each others.

So it is really easy here to get help, to be appreciated by other members, and to help others too. It gives you a reward in your brain. I don’t feel like I can find the same in the real life.

Also, I’m actually in a breakdown so I am alone in my apartment all the day worrying about my condition and the consequences in my life. Being here really helps me a lot to not feel alone in the difficult situation in which I am actually.


@anubis Because there are other schizophrenics on this website and their experiences are similar to our own, that is why we come here. Normal people are not going to understand what we go through except maybe the psychiatrists.

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Thanks I do spend a lot of time outside using my phone. It’d be nice to get suggestions like a class or hobby or something to read online…I brought a book to the store to read but can’t get into it :,( I don’t know why I’m so low functioning right now… Felt like collapsing on the bus and can’t read or clean house. Maybe I’ll shop for something to learn…

I am not even schizophrenic, I have another psychiatric illness, but I have so much in common with all the schizophrenics here. I live the same situations, I have the same problems and I take the same medication!

@anubis You’re not schizophrenic? What mental illness do you have? You have a psychiatrist. You take medication.

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I may have a somatic symptoms disorder. My psychiatrist is not sure about my diagnosis. I will see her this Friday and know more about this this day. I may also be bipolar.

I had a lot of diagnosis in the past. I was once diagnosed as schizoid, a beginning of schizophrenia and psychosis but my current psychiatrist doesn’t agree with that.

To be healthy and functional, I need an antipsychotic, antidepressant, benzo and hypnotic.

@anubis Very interesting… no definitive diagnosis. Well, your mental illness did take what was it… 13 years of your life or something and now you’re a software developer. Most people with mental illnesses don’t even have a job and you seem to be the exception.

@anon62973308 Sorry for hijacking your thread.

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Yes my mental illness took 12 years of my life you have a good memory!!! I am able to have a job because my symptoms are somatics which means all physicals. I have no symptoms like delusions, hallucinations or anything like that. I only have medication side effects.

When the antipsychotic treatment works well, I have no physical symptoms and I become mostly like a normal person.

I am lucky in my bad luck. But it took me a lot of perseverance and courage to get out of misery, to recover and to get back my professional life. It was not easy.

And no I still don’t have a diagnosis despite I became ill in 2001.

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I wish I was a normal person who didn’t have to take anti-psychotics or deal with side effects from medication. However if I’m not medicated, bad things could happen to me.

That’s weird you’ve been diagnosed and re-diagnosed but with no solid description of what type of mental illness you have. Usually psychiatrists are able to diagnose a mentally ill person right away. Sometimes psychiatrists do get it wrong and are only human.

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I think I am really not a usual case. I mean there are a lot of schizophrenics and schizophrenia is a well known illness by the doctors but what I have is uncommon so it may be difficult to recognize by the doctors.

Also since I have severe physical symptoms, the doctors naturally thought I was having a physical illness for a certain period of time so they never thought it could be a psychiatric condition until 2013.

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I don’t think schizophrenia has physical symptoms either. I don’t have any. But it makes you wonder how a psychiatric condition can be linked to symptoms in your body? Psychiatry is the study of odd human behaviours and beliefs which is controlled by the brain.

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Yes I guess that the problem I have is some kind of chemical imbalance in my brain since the antipsychotic usually solve it.

But it is really incredible that a problem with receptors in the brain could cause severe physical symptoms and condition, as with me!