Do you ever make an action on social media and then stew about the possible fallout for weeks? Or perhaps sometimes this will lead to psychosis?

I spoke to my psychiatrist about this. That was the term I used…action/reaction.

The other term I use with him is “responding to my own echo”. I throw something out there on social media…expect a reaction…and when it doesn’t come, I seek out information to justify a certain reaction. When it doesn’t come, I connect dots to make it fit.

I create a false/positive.


When in psychosis I got in trouble with federal police for posting things on fb.

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I don’t post on social medias anymore. I just like my friends pics and video chat with them using messenger and whatsapp.

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I can’t remember the last time I posted anything on social media.

i try not to post anything too outrageous, and I try not to fish for approvals or anything like that.
i guess i try to keep a somewhat neutral approach to social media. maybe it keeps my reactions more muted

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I used to be active on social media but I haven’t posted anything in a few months, I get this action/reaction anxiety every time I post something online or use in-game chat. Thanks for putting a familiar but previously indescribable feeling into words for us. :dove:


No problem, @burntbythesun

My own psychiatrist seemed really engaged when I explained that phenomenon to him…which is why I posted it here.

And welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


I had been using Facebook since 2009. Somebody hacked my account this year and I withdrew from Facebook entirely.

I’ve spent a good bit of emotional energy over concerns about what I wrote online in the past, yes.

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