Acne scars treatment

Hello, has any one of you successfully treated acne scars? Which treatment worked for you? I did laser skin resurfacing and it helped, the scars are about 50% less now, but not completely gone.

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Did the laser skin resurfaceing also get rid or wrinkles?

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I don’t know, as I never had wrinkles. I’m 26 years old

I want to get rid of my stretch marks.

I had moderate acne growing up but when I was put in the hospital they gave me Haldol. It caused my acne to explode. I got scars from it and I’m made as hell they put me on Haldol. My acne scars aren’t deep mostly rolling scars. I’m just pissed they put me on Haldol.

have you heard of dermarolling? you can go to a proffessional for a appointment and they can decide whether it would be good for you. It’ll work for stretchmarks also.

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