Accusing someone of not loving you is paranoia

My father did that and I did that. The object of such an accusation should say “You’re right, I don’t.”
I think it’s just one more way of trying to manipulate people.

Insecurities or fears maybe from past experiences?

That could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. No one likes emotional blackmail.

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What happens when it turns out all your fears were true?
When someone pretends to love you, but their actions don’t support their words. If you have to ask if your loved, then you probably know the answer.

In the family, children don’t go away and if you don’t particularly like a child, it can cause great distress. So, the parent starts demanding certain pleasing behaviors and the child becomes a rigid, miserable and dominated person to grow up to be nobody but trouble.

All of that anxiety stems from fear. That is why people almost always try to possess their loved ones. When you love someone, it has to be based on trust. If it isn’t, it won’t work. If someone acts like they love you and you love them you have to just accept the fact that they do love you.

People can hurt you. They can lie. Sometimes it may seem easier to just cut everyone off because they might hurt you. I’ve lived like that. Trust me it is horrible. After years of living that way you develop this desperate, hungry beast inside of you. People aren’t designed to be alone. It is too empty living that way.

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I like the saying "don’t go looking for trouble, because chances are, you will find it.