Accusing mother of sexual abuse

I am the mother of a 38 year old adult male who is pschyzophrenic. I am hurting really bad over my son’s illness. I am totally helpless and so hurt with some of the things he says. Finding him after 3 years that he had been missing, he jumped my husband and I. It was such a shock! This happened after we spent 3 days with him. He had been calm. To top it off, he is accusing me, his mother, of sexually abusing him as a child. He also accuses his father of being a pedofile. I just want to hear from patients who have believed something like this about your parents, to then find out it was never true? Can you share what comes over you when these thoughts come in your minds? I am just trying to make sense of what is going on. I would never hurt my child like that? It must be awful to live your life believing something this horrible and it not being true. Help me understand what is happening please

Hi Mariposa

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this. Can I suggest that you join the “family” forum

It’s the same as this one but for people like yourself who don’t actually have schizophrenia but care for someone who has.

You’ll get better and more meaningful responses there.


Thank you, I will do that.

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