Accused Paradise Valley stalker speaks from jail

I never had violent delusions but can relate to this woman in her delusional quest for love. I believe violent delusions are probably the most taboo discussion in mental illness. This news station should not have interviewed this woman without a lawyer present. Many say this woman was exploited. Let me know your thoughts on this.

she obviously has mental problems. i agree she shouldnt have been exploited.


She was absolutely exploited. I feel like she was in some sort of manic state. Really messed up to put her on the spot like that, when she comes to (and hopefully she does) she will probably be so horrified by that clip, it will haunt her for life and everyone will know her personal business.


I am grateful that where I live, the police have a trained PERT team for psychological emergencies.We have a long way to go in the handling of psychological emergencies. I remember a news story where a police officer roughed up a teenage Autistic boy in Arizona because they couldn’t identify that he was Autistic and not a threat. I do not think the police are trained for that yet in AZ. So sad for this woman!