Accounting services

I’d like to start an at home bookkeeping business. I can do some pretty complex ■■■■ on quickbooks.

That is worth something to someone. I’d just have to find the person.

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Actually I have a 1 year license for quick books that’s going to expire in a few months.

Sorry if this is triggering for some people

One of my clients uses that exact program. I had to install it for them and show them how to backup their data at the end of each day, but that is my extent of knowledge on it, I have no idea how to actually use it.

It’s initially hard to find new clients because no one has heard of you or trusts you, but once you break through that barrier, and if you do a good job, people talk and your name gets passed around.

Good luck finding some clients, do them well and it snowballs!.

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