According to this, im high functioning. official functioning test

I just scored a 100 on bop it. haha




Bop it??

Never heard of it. Is this some type of adult sex toy?


haha no. it’s a little game, that was popular 5 to 10 years ago. I think it came out around Christmas. it gives you instructions, bop it, twist it, or pull it, and you have to do as it says in a certain amount of time.

my first attempt I got a 67, and my second attempt I completed the round with a score of 100, I think it was on the easiest setting, but i’ll take it. mom got a 27. haha. it was just sitting around in a basket in mom’s living room and I picked it up again after all these years.

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Oh, this… :joy:


This made me think of Skip It, from the 90s. Nothing like this thing bashing into your ankle over and over again to have a good time. :smile:


ha I remember those! :grinning:

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Haha! Bop-it is a little too complex for me so I measured myself on a simpler test, but I couldn’t do it :frowning: .


Link to the game, please.

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it’s not really a functioning test. just a bad joke haha.


That’s interesting ,but I can’t see a link to play the game.

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oh sorry, it’s an at home game, not an online game. a handheld game. mom has one over at her house. I just played it this morning.

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This made my day. :smile:

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