Accomplishment thread


So when I’m feeling down or struggling with symptoms I try to think of one thing I’ve accomplished and build off of it. So I was thinking, if others were interested, we could start a thread about it?

It’s simple. List one thing. Anything! That you feel proud for accomplishing today or at any time!

I’m proud that I managed to hold down a full time job, averaging 50 hour weeks, for 3 months.


My accomplishments :

  • Went to A.A. who helped me get off booze
  • Switched to vaping and quit cigarettes
  • Finally got on a med that works for me
  • Stopped playing the lottery
  • Sticking to my diet and losing weight


Awesome accomplishments for sure @everhopeful


I’ve lost 20 pounds on my diet.
I reached out for a reality check.


My most recent accomplishment is that I am down 15 pounds from what I weighed just a few months ago.

I have another 15 pounds to go until I reach my final goal weight, but my weight loss efforts have stalled a bit. I’m not watching what I eat as well as I had been, so I’m pretty much stuck at my current weight until I get my act together to start losing again.


I’m into week 6 of 8 of an intro physics class on coursera. I’m not finished yet, but I should be able to accomplish this. I’m over halfway into a book on math. I rarely need to go to the hospital anymore. Maybe like once a year.

I’m not on a ton of meds.

I’m sort of happy or content.


That’s my list too almost.


My accomplishment today is that I went to work despite hitting a low. I feel incredibly depressed, more than yesterday. But I still made it to work.


Had merCy on a former friend.