Accomplishment: Christmas lights


First phase of X-mas lights up on the new home. Will post a pic shortly once my hands are no longer ice blocks. Yipes.



good on you…
take care from the sane :alien:


I must purchase some strings of bulbs…
Have 2 or 3 sets of lights in the house that are used throughout the year. I like soft lighting, no glares…hence Christmas lights.

You put them up in the freezing cold? Good excuse to put them up outside like in mid October, LOL


Awesome, can’t wait for the pics.


Sorry for the delay. That’s the first pic. More lights going up this week when it warms up some (gets within shouting distance of freezing).



The photo is cool with the lights piercing the darkness and looking bright.
Ours are probable buried somewhere.
I’ll have to make an effort to be more Christmas like.
It looks like a lot of effort to get them way up there on the roof. Cool.


I love Christmas lights - they make me feel peaceful


I wanted Christmas rocket launchers, but Mrs. Pixel can be a buzz kill.