Accidents will happen

I went to put on my braces , and the left one didn’t clip on properly . Result it hit me in the eye .It’s still a bit painful 20 minutes later .


It’s not bleeding is it?

Thanks for asking . To be precise; it wasn’t directly on the eye ball , but just to the side of it. It’s not bleeding, but there’s what looks like a very small blood blister .

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Oh sorry to hear it. I was imagining one of those scenarios where half of the white portion of the eye is red after an eye injury. You’ll probably be okay, but I always worry about the eyes. They are a very vulnerable part of the body.

Thanks for your concern. It hasn’t affected my eyesight .

Yikes. I’m sorry that it hit you in the eye. I’m assuming that you’re talking about body braces.

Please take care of yourself. Also try to see a doctor if it continues to hurt.

Yes-trouser braces . I think it was more of a shock than anything .Thanks for your concern.

Ah okay. Yeah braces are a pain. I wear the back brace often and it is a pain in the neck to wear.

I hope the back brace helps .

It does help sometimes. I don’t wear it often though.

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