"Accepting voices " broadly article

Here’s an article on people who reject medicine but “accept” their voices.
I think it’s irresponsible to tell people they’re not sick and don’t need an antipsychotic. I am leery of people pushing med free treatments.
Thoughts? I get that some have nice voices, but the longer as goes untreated, the worse the positive and negative symptoms become…

I think that the voices are a manifestation of the disease and mechanisms should be devised
to get rid of them.
It is a difficult philosophical question what to do if a patient is happy with voices,
whether to force treat him or not, but this is true of any disease.
I would probably lean against forced treatment unless the patient is a danger to himself or to others.


You have a good point…to treat those who just don’t care. Is it ethical or constitutional to force a person to medicate?
We’d have to take lack of insight into consideration…that the illness makes them nearly incapable of perceiving their own sickness…but then again they should have free will. If they want to stay sick, what responsibility does society have?
Complicated topic!

There is no benefit in accepting them when they don’t make sense. I accept that I HAVE voices, but I don’t consciously accept them as real or having control over me.