Accepting that you're sick

so this is kind of a leap of faith I have to make that I am struggling with. it means i have to deny my intuition and trust the perception of others. maybe it is that i am too prideful, but to accept that i am misperceiving things and should trust others blindly is kind of difficult for me. it feels like i’m being told that my heart and gut are lying to me and I don’t know how to handle that. how do you know if you are sick and if you are sick, how do you accept it?


I’m struggling with the same thing. But since everyone I trust is telling me the same thing and has been for quite a few years now, I’ve decided I need to do reality checks with people I trust. One social worker told me to ask a stranger near me at the grocery store if they see what I see and am afraid of. Ummm, no! I don’t trust them! But I do trust certain people, so I rely on them for reality checks. That’s how I’m coping for now

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Like you said, you have to trust other peoples opinions on it. You don’t have to blindly accept everything they say but if you got friends, family and mental health workers all telling you you’re sick than it’s a good bet that you got something wrong with you. No offense but from what you post, you probably have some kind of mental illness or mental disturbance. Nothing personal.

I can’t diagnosis another person though. Acceptance is a tough one. For me, I was in denial for a few months that anything was wrong with me in the beginning. But then, somehow, it dawned on me that everybody around me was right and I had schizophrenia. So in my case, it just came to me one day.


Sometimes the only way to know is hindsight, looking back on episode when you have clearer thinking. Accepting is not really the right thing in my opinion, but really admitting that you are sick is more important. Accepting really just means you have come to terms or are fine with it, but what those terms are could be anything. I admit I have mental health problems and am open to taking meds but at the same time have a hard time accepting any of it.

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it hurts my pride. 10 years on and i’m still in denial… i keep wanting to be proven right about my hunches, but there is no way all my delusions could be true. i don’t know what sane is anymore, but i know that by all standards i don’t fit the description.

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There was some research posted here about jumping to conclusions and schizophrenia. I.e. that it’s a problem with schizophrenics.

Maybe if you could work on that?

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yeah that might be possible. i could try

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Yes I am sick. Most people who are doing OK don’t have voices in their head.

i deal with delusions instead of voices, so it is difficult for me to know what is true about any given situation.

Why would your pride be injured? You have a chronic and complicated health condition. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. The fact that you realize you’re ill and that you’re moving towards recovery is incredible. That easily puts you in the top 20% of the people with this condition in terms of progress.

If anything I think you should take pride in your progress. Well done.


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