Accepting symptoms and not changing medication

I think when on an antipsychotic, still having some mental illness symptoms is acceptable. There is no need to just keep on changing and changing medication and expecting something better.

I don’t think my symptoms have ever been very severe though. I have only ever been on two antipsychotics. Clopixol injection and now Seroquel. I have always been reluctant to change medication.

Keeping on trying every different antipsychotic is kind of pointless, because they all have the same basic mechanism of blocking dopamine receptors. If one doesn’t work, another one probably won’t either, with the exception of Clozapine, which is supposed to be more effective.

Sorry if this offends, It is just something I think about.


I am a chicken when it come to changing meds


No need to apologise - you do raise a good point. That said, if the downsides of a medication outweigh the benefits, then it’s definitely worth trying something else, because although they do all block dopamine, they also have other different mechanisms of actions which can have very different effects.


I’m not changing my med latuda. And you’re right about switching so many times.


They are similar but some people here had massive improvements after changing many meds and finding the one that worked with few side effects.


The day after tomorrow I will be on fluanxol depot and my rispen is down from 6mg to 3mg at night… I still take depakine but I have approval to reduce it from 500mg to 250mg this month

I am afraid like always to make changes in my meds routine even if the last time it turn out to be a good call


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