Accepting cookies

I’ve noticed that many websites I visit on my phone lately have me click an agreement to accept their cookies and a privacy notice upon entering.

Is this a new thing?

I remember doing it occasionally, but it seems like nearly every website I visit now.

Have you deleted your search history and cookies recently? :turkey::turkey::turkey:


I don’t think so.

Sometimes I will do it if I’m poking around in my settings, but it hasn’t been for awhile.

Having to agree to all these cookie/privacy notices all the time makes me feel paranoid.

I thought this was just a European thing. You probably shouldn’t be getting it if you’re in the USA unless the websites are now just doing it for everyone.

Cookies and ePrivacy Directive
Passed in the 2002 and amended in 2009, the ePrivacy Directive (EPD) has become known as the “cookie law” since its most notable effect was the proliferation of cookie consent pop-ups after it was passed. It supplements (and in some cases, overrides) the GDPR, addressing crucial aspects about the confidentiality of electronic communications and the tracking of Internet users more broadly.

Conversely I get access denied to USA websites because they recognise I’m in Europe and they haven’t implemented any cookie policy yet.

But you can certainly blame us Europeans for this one.


Ooh i think you’re right! I just googled and found this article, which blames Europeans, while also cautioning against the use of cookie banners. Especially funny considering the cookie banner at the bottom of the page.


Actually that’s quite funny :joy:

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I accept cookies, it doesn’t bother me.

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It’s to be compliant with the European GDPR law. Beyond that I know nothing about the law and have no interpretation on it. But that’s the reason you’re seeing them now - compliance with an EU law.

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Wish they were real cookies :sob:


I try to minimize stuff like that, so I switched from chrome browser to brave, and my search engine is now Duckduckgo as opposed to Google or bing. It helps to keep you more private and safe on the internet. You could also use Tor, but I think that’s overkill.

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I use ccleaner once a day wipes out the cookies and history and they have a free version


Thats what I use.


Is it for mobile, too?


Yes thers a free version with ads for mobile. I use it on phones that don’t have a builtin cleaner.


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