’ Part of coping with your illness is accepting the level you’re at’ . This was said to me over a decade ago . Realism or negativity?


realism, better to be the tortoise than the hare.
take care

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I guess i should be grateful i haven’t taken a major step backwards. Perhaps consolidation is a positive in itself.

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Well, was it said in kindness and empathy or arrogance and annoyance?

I like that quote firemonkey. I have to learn acceptance and stop comparing myself to other people.

It was said when i was trying to get more help and was basically told i wasn’t severe enough. This was despite having a then schizoaffective diagnosis. It was against a long background of negativity from the mental health services who disapproved of my leaving hospital with my future wife(who was 22 years older than me) some 19 years previously. Basically out of immature and petty spite they gave little support.
A part of me thinks it was said to shut me up.

Yeah, a lot of the treatment I received sucked, too. But there are angels in the system, and when I find one of them, I keep current with him.


To say that you have to accept where your at an that is the end of it… I think is negativity.

To say that you have to accept where your at FOR A BIT and then take another step forward… I think is realism.

I have had people just sort of give up on me… “You are where you are and you will always be there, so nothing further we can do… See Ya… maybe”

But I’ve also had people say, “You have accept where you’re at for now, just rest and heal a bit more and then try another hurdle next month… See Ya… next week.”

@SurprisedJ I can see the sense in treading water for a while before attempting to swim in deeper waters and if that had been said then fair enough .