Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has been gaining prominence in psychological services and published literature

ACT works on the premise that attempting to suppress mental events is not helpful; rather, ACT promotes experiencing negative thoughts in an accepting, non-judgmental and mindful way

Despite the rapidly growing popularity of ACT, its usefulness for patients with schizophrenia is not yet firmly established. Nonetheless, studies that have used ACT for psychotic disorders have revealed some promising results

Nevertheless, there is some evidence to suggest that ACT can help patients who are suffering psychotic symptoms, such as auditory hallucinations

patients who were treated with ACT and who were also able to acknowledge that their beliefs might be false, experienced a reduction in distres

Such results are rather perplexing, and Bach and Hayes [36] speculate that ACT may have undermined a prime coping strategy in the group of participants who were unable to see the falsity of their beliefs.

Does anyone do this? Iā€™d like to try it.

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