Acadia shares popping one day ahead of fda


When you consider the side effects found with this medicine it will be hit hard by lawsuits which will greatly raise the price if the FDA accepts it. I think the negatives outweigh the positives in this case.


Fda Decision expected may 1

There is a relatively high death rate with Parkinson’s disease psychosis so they are saying it might be coincidental. We’ll have to wait and see how the the schizophrenia trials go. 8 died on placebo while 16 died on the medicine. It might still be safe for schizophrenics

This seems like good news today:

Acadia Gets FDA Panel Backing for Drug for Psychosis in Parkinson’s Patients

There were/are some concerns about safety of that drug. Maybe because of the 16 deaths.

Clozapine has a mortality rate for Parkinson’s disease also. Taking any antipsychotic increases the risk of death in people with parkinsons. It’s either this drug gets approved or people continue to take seroquel and clozapine which blocks dopamine and other receptors

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