Absolutely Ridiculous

I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia for most of past 4 years. Last time I saw my psychiatrist he decided to prescribe me epival, a mood stabilizer. Then I had a second opinion and the other psychiatrist suggested that my anger is mostly situational. Today I saw my psychiatrist again with my parents. We had a disagreement on our diagnosis and he kept saying how he cannot treat me when I am not following his orders. I asked him for some sleeping pills and he refuses to give them to me. He even suggested to my parents to file me for mental incompetence in order to force me to take the epival that I do not need to take.

Absolutely ridiculous psychiatrist. Totally useless and retarded. I am doing a masters of finance at a pretty famous university. I am looking to pursue a 6 figure paying job in the future. He dares suggest I am mentally incompetent? I was furious I almost smashed the hospital door. I went on screaming and yelling at the hospital. I still have occasional anger problems arising situationally every time as proven in this context of provocation by the psychiatrist. I will definitely not be seeing this psychiatrist anymore. However, as I live in Canada, I am allocated a particular psychiatrist only. Now I would have to switch to another one for sure.


If you are screaming and slamming doors and carrying on, what makes you think a doctor will give you sleeping pills? That would be totally irresponsible and reckless on his part. The Epival…have you ever even taken it? For how long? What do YOU think you need?


I would definitely watch out for that mentally incompetent label. That might can back to haunt you. From the angry reaction you describe, I think you need something to manage your volatility. Maybe you could work with the doctor to find something that helps.

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Because it is just that:

A label meaning whatever it means to one who finds it pasted on his forehead.

But a label is simply a word (or collection of words).

And words mean only what we think they mean.


I got labled mentally incompetent when I was 17. I thought it was highly offensovr at the time. Now I’m just looking for a way out. Need suggestions. I think that was the term anyway. Maybe it was something g else. Like severely disabled. Not sure. Hospital terms are different everywhere.

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If you are almost smashing doors and screaming and yelling at the Hospital…perhaps your Doc is correct and you should be on some kind of mood stabilizing meds.

Just my 2 cents.


I was telling him I wake up every half an hour during my sleep, but it’s not like I am manic or hypomanic. He believes I am schizoaffective or bipolar because of my spending habits and changing goals. I tell him it’s due to the way I think and I need therapy much more than medications. Spending habits, changing goals can also be part of borderline personality disorder too from what I understand and I have been telling him that I might have it. But he is convinced I need more medication so he prescribed me epival. I took it for 2 weeks, then stopped.

It’s been a month since then and nothing has happened to my mood until today. It’s all because the psychiatrist dared try to declare me mentally incompetent and force me to take pills that I don’t need. Correct me if I am wrong notmoses since you are the expert, it seems more like I have low distress tolerance and emotional regulation skills which are indicative of BPD. I have never understood why this psychiatrist never sent me to Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Never ever did he mention any form of therapy for me. Ridiculous incompetence should be this doctor’s label.

And you are correct, however even if us with mental illnesses do not discriminate ourselves, normal people in every day life would certainly do. To hear someone as mentally incompetent certainly would do me no good if I am pursuing any decent career in life. With that said, I suppose I would be declared mentally insane even if I kill someone.

One’s personality can exacerbate one’s affliction.

Yes, given my potentially violent behaviour. I am beginning to wonder if I have antisocial personality disorder as well.

I’d stop worrying so much about diagnosis, and more about what YOU are doing to aid in your recovery. Since you’re the patient, and you are not (yet) under a court order, you do have input.

Thanks alien99, I have too much to lose now to harm anyone. I am getting my own place in 2 weeks, have my own car, pursuing a masters degree. Thanks. Although I think the diagnosis is still important because treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder is primarily through DBT as far as I understand. I had some psychotherapy sessions, but they were too expensive so I had to stop.

It’s interesting too notmoses, I am not sure of your profession but you sound like you work in mental health. I was telling my psychiatrist what you told me about latuda and fluoxetine and especially the fluoxetine causing irritability after long term use. He simply dismissed it totally.

But I have no control over what they think. Why should I believe that I do? It might be “nicer” if they didn’t, but if I allow myself to get caught up in what they think of me when they haven’t got a clue as to what it’s really all about, I’m the one who suffers. My sicker parts may react briefly, but as soon as I notice, recognize and acknowledge those reactions, I’m movin’ on to better things.

Amen, brother. This is straight up.

Doesn’t sound like it, though ASPD is somewhat associated with paranoid delusionality. ASPD is thoroughly narcissistic and never questions its defense mechanisms. I don’t see you doing that. You’re willing to step back and take a look at what your mind is doing. That’s the road up and out of the ■■■■.

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Thanks notmoses, you are a wise man. :smile:

No. Just someone who was desperate enough after years of unnecessary suffering to listen carefully in class.


I was diagnosed with undifferentiated Sz when I was 17… (I’m 30 now) and with years of being med compliant… (Seroquel and Latuda) going to therapy… and working on staying level…

my doc began to notice a “mood element” He has been wanting to change my diagnosis to Schizoaffective for a bit now… but we’re sticking with mood element…

I was having euphoric highs and max energy and then in less then a week or two… hitting the flat wall of rust brown with negative symptoms. I didn’t know that was rapid cycling.

So now I’m on Depakote… I had the mentally incompetent label come and go. After a while… I just had to ignore it and keep doing my own thing and eventually it went away again.

I hope you get a handle on the anger as well… I had to take anger management therapy.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon… :v:

I’m siding with your pdoc here. You definitely need mood stabilizing. Hope it works out.