Absentmindedness in the Classroom

I learn nothing in the classroom. Except if my interest level is too high. This problem exists since childhood.

I think it may be because of a lower latent inhibition (the more I read about it).

The doctors don’t have an answer here. Some say it could be depression, some say it could be Psychosis. But, I am not psychotic as a kid or even at 14/15. I think my first episode happened at 17.

But, my old therapist thought that the sound filtering issue means I am psychotic since childhood (or at birth). Just that the delusions spiraled out of control at 17.

Could it just be a lower latent inhibition without psychosis?

I am treated now. I know I will not learn anything in the classroom, and as usual, read the book. But, is it Psychosis or LLI, or both?

Do they record lessons?

When I was at college I did all my learning after class, as my retention is not the best.

I used to re-listen over and over again with the books in front of me and it worked quite well

I could do that. They usually don’t do it. But, it is a brilliant idea. Thanks.

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