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You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been on much at all. Some of you probably are glad, ha.

This time of year is busy time at work. We have a 6 week reading day camp. We have up to 30 kids 4 days per week and 3 teen staff members. This year’s program I helped build, my boss had me help in every aspect. I chose the books for my days and all the crafts, activities for my days. Helped with hers, too.

My boss is there 2 days, I am in charge the other 2 days. It’s been a real change this year, as I am by myself (as supervisor) for half the week, and am the sole adult on premises. My son is one of the teen staff this year. He’s been surprised to learn just how much work I do. He thought itwas an easy job. Ha! He came home and took a nap every day the first week.

The first summer program,I was terrified. Second year, I was more comfortable, but still shy about dealing with staff, parents, and the people that do presentations. This year I have handled so much from reorganizi g and deepcleaning the kitchen,to setting up the lunch program with the school to meeting with the health inspector for food service inspection. This year I also write our paychecks, submit hours and staff evaluations! It’s a lot,but I love my job so much.

The week my boss was on vacation, I had to deep clean the building and meet with the folks for mealsand inspection, and get craft boxes ready for the weeks. This is on top of regular duties. My husband took hos spill and broke his knee cap,which really impacted my days. I shared his xray, but he had surgery on the 14th and is doing well now. Still, I had to work shorter hpurs, still get everything ready for the program, and take care of him until surgery. I spend my days now taking care of his needs in the mor ing, making sure he is setup to be alright while my son and I work, then coming home and taking care of him again. Also domestic duties.

Before he fell, my daughter moved back home and brought her boyfrie d. That’s been interesting. They are starting to pitch on more now. But cooking for 8 is still a chore. She cooks meals now, and my son likes to grill for us when he has stuff to grill.

I have been helping my boss, as well. We spend some Fridays, our day off, canvassing local businesses for donations for our program. Luckily my boss is also my offline best friend, so it is an enjoyable day when we go out. She hates it when I call her my boss, lol.

Thos past Friday my daughter (the one that moved back on) and I volunteered at the county fair food booth that my boss’s daughter was working. Seniors work the booth to earn money toward their senior trip to Italy. Anyone that volunteers is putting their earnings toward their senior’s trip. So meand my daughter’s time combinedadded an extra 12 hours earnings to my friend’s child’s trip fund.

And that brings me to today. My back has been giving me fits since May. But Friday night I stood and walked on concrete for6 hours
My back locked up and the pain kept getting worse. My friend,husband, and my online bff all told me to go get checked. Went to urgent care and the exam showed severe pain in my lower back when touched,and the Xray shows severe degenerative disc disease. It’s bad enough that the doctor said he would havesent me right across the hall to the ortho today,but that ortho doesn’t do spine and neck work.

He prescribed muscle relaxers several times daily, steroids, and anti inflammatory meds, told me to double my tramadol when and if I use it. He is sending note to my doc and recommending referral to ortho. He said I need and MRI to see how bad the damage is and may need surgery.

So, yeah. I’m busy as heck lately and not here bothering you all. If I end up having surgery, I’ll be on here a LOT to irritate everyone.

Well, that was a novel.

Anyone have surgery for degenerative disc disease? He mentioned implants and maybe fusion? If you have, how was recovery?


I’d like to note that it’s well known among people at work, including parents, that I am sz. And they still trust me with their kids as young as 4.

Sz and sza isn’t a death knell to life!


My mom had spinal surgery back in February. I dont remember exactly what it was called but they said that if she didnt have the surgery she would lose control of her movements and her legs would be paralyzed.

This is right around the time of my “incident” when my cognitives went out the window and I started to slip into a semi psychosis so my memory of exact details is fuzzy.

Anywho…I believe it did indeed involve implants and fusion. I remember she was only in the hospital for a day or two but spent a lot of time in bed after she got home. Good news is she is walking around pretty good now.

If you have any specific questions you would like me to ask her, I can, because like I said, my memory of it all is fuzzy because of the time period it occurred in.

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Thanks! When I find out more, I will likely take you up on that.

You have a lot going on. But you’ve been missed here. I hope your back gets sorted out quickly. My mom had her back fused. The real issues she’s faces is that she can’t lift anything over 10 lbs anymore or sit in a car more than an hour away. Definitely caused changes for her.


I figured you were taking a break for a little while. Boy was I wrong! You’re super busy!!!

My husband had spine surgery that made him worse so my recommendation is to check reviews etc before you choose your surgeon.

My sister and my dad had degenerative disk disease as well as severe spinal stenosis. Both had surgery and both are doing great now.

Sorry I don’t know all the details about the surgeries that did work.

Thanks for the update. I hope your meds give you relief soon.

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Yes me too.

@anon4362788 , you are so busy in that days.
But I want to share one thought only, if you permit.
Thought is - why it is necessary to work for both husband and wife. In real what is happening, if wife works in jobs than husband has to work in home and kitchen. Why don’t only husband works in jobs and wife in house keeping and “both will share the income.” (Just like me) . I share my salary to my wife. (I take myself only extra income). I am whole soul in jobs and my wife is in house keeping. (You can hold your ear in either way.)

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It’s culture.

Here both men and women work and there are still plenty of jobs.

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And they both are doing House keeping.

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Yeah. People with family responsibilities and work are very busy.

I think it started with women wanting to take in positions of power and not wanting to be confined to a house.

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Thats a Big thought. (Then mine above.) Good, Thanks.

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@Jonathan2 , if you don’t mind. I want to know your education.

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Pre-sz I did a Master in Economics
Post-sz A Bachelor in Health Sciences via distance learning.

I’ve spent some time and money on education.

But I’m certified unemployed and unable to work for the time being.

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Thats sad, and cruel fact of schizophrenia.
But I am working as a civil engineer. I was Sz patient since 1994. Today I went to a university for Master degree programs. After 2 years when I will got my master degree. Then I think that I will file a court case against the psychiatrist doctor who dignosed me as Sz.
I am finding my possiblilty.

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@anon4362788 Your accomplishments are admirable.

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Here it’s difficult to sue doctors, but good luck with your studies!

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Yeah you’re right. We’re derailing the thread @Aku1


Yes. +/- 10 %, ok.

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Your sexist comments are not welcomed here. Goodbye.