About Truman show

  1. It’s a fake world with fake parents and friends and relatives. It’s about you only.
  2. The same fake world and friends etc. but it’s about 2 or 3 people in the community.
  3. The same with hundreds of people.
    A whole village or small town.
  4. The same with countries and nations.
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Of course it’s unethical.
No morals when money speaks

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Ahh here’s a film I never want to watch :joy:


A face specialist chooses the right faces with the right personality, temper, talents, physical diseases and mental illnesses, in order to be used in truman show as an interesting protagonist.

Since they’re kids, they are monitored closely by the people of the production.
When they find the right suitable person for the position, they make it a protagonist.

I think I could write a dystopic novel here. Lol

I wonder if truman show could be logically disproven. I guess its like solipsism?

My voices keep saying iam in a simulation mad by their minds and nothing is real and recorded and i am on my way to eternal hell for smoking cigs even though I pled with them I couldn’t stop

I smoke. Nobody cares about cigs

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Welcome to the forum redhood.:slightly_smiling_face:

I used to have trueman show beliefs but don’t anymore.

I thought my parents were not my real parents.

Everyone pretended to love me and were paid to be with me and someone was going to get $10 million dollars if they married me but the guys interested were talked out of it by the female sex demons that were my female friends seducing any man interested in me to make them nolonger want me.

I was devastated.

I also had voices, gunshots and moans I heard 24/7.

Later the voices stopped and my delusions changed.


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