About to start 2mg Abilify - Tips / Thoughts, Ideas?

Hey! So thank you moderators and volunteers; I am so lucky for this website and resource. I’m about to begin using Abilify – I have been diagnosed; I have gotten a prescription, however I haven’t yet begun. At times I think I should try the supplements mentioned here first. But in case I decide to pop a pill (unfortunately remindng me a bit of my college days) what effects would be normal to expect? As mentioned in the title, my prescription is for 2mg. Symptoms I’m experiencing include occasionally interpreting physical sounds as human sounds (like an air conditioner… sounds like a human voice); pretty serious social anxiety; echolalia/echopraxia. I have not yet seen a psychiatrist; just a PCP. I’ve read up on the “prodromal” phase of schizophrenia and feel I can relate. Thanks guys, sorry if you read this far and are thinking, wtf? :slight_smile:

You mention that you have not yet seen a pdoc. Did your primary care physician diagnose you and prescribe meds?

I would recommend that you see a pdoc, both to confirm your diagnosis and to discuss your meds.

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Best person to talk to is a psychiatrist. As they are trained to tell you what it is you experiencing. PCPs or GPs as we call them in the UK usually aren’t fully trained in mental illnesses.

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I live in the Uk. I have been on 15 mg of Abilify for at least ten years. The drug is a good one in my experience. I have found it to be the less sedating of all the anti psychotics i have tried, also with the added advantage of a non weight gainer.
I’m no pro and as the other folk here suggest, i think you should have a proper assessment. Good luck, bests Billhook.