About to lose my job

I have been working as a temperature screener for about 4 months now. It’s very easy work and pays surprisingly well, I have been able to pay all of my school bills with it and save for future ones. found out yesterday that the factory is planning to install automatic thermometers within the next month. I knew this was a temporary job but we were told we would likely be here until early next year. I’m afraid my mental state is too fragile to go back into nursing home work. It’s too stressful for me. I was not expecting this :disappointed:


Sorry you may be out of work soon :frowning_face:

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hopefully I will find new work soon. I have been wanting to work at a hospital for a long time now. I will keep applying and hope for the best…

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Yup technology is stealing our jobs.

Good luck on the hospital job. I hope you get one.

good luck hope you find new work

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