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Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Looking good so far :smile:

I like how we can change the back ground of our profile. That’s a fun touch. :smiley: I changed mine. My profile page is not longer gray.


thanks to the guys that created this wonderful discussion forum, it is a precious resource and a welcome change from the old forum that had so many problems,

i have just a little thing that has been bothering me about it tho, i have the iphone 4s and when these forums started i could post using it on my phone but now i cant and i was wondering if you knew why.

i have another little peave and it is all of the topics :frowning: i dont like them all, i think the delusions and recovery topics all fall under diagnosed anyway so why even bother making them a seperate category, i think what would be better would be tags if you can tag your post as being delusional or recovery or symptoms etc i think that that might be better than having seperate forums for them,

the creative forum could have tags as well like joke, art, poem, etc if it is a poem you could have further tags as to what it is about like love, recovery, dark etc, same with art you could have abstract or modern etc on seperate tags, idk if this is possible but it sounds like a good idea i guess.

@SzAdmin. Good day to you. I noticed that you have recently update the forum software. Was it a smooth transition?