About stress + poll

i am studying stress and different models of stress just now, how it affects the body and our responses to it and i can start to see things in it that i hadn’t ever seen before or maybe i didnt want to see, things i didnt think i had but probably have,

basically i just blamed a lot of my problems on my mental health and now i am thinking that everything that i have ever developed could well be a response to stress and my inability to cope with that or those stressors, its a physical thing that triggers other things da da da da daaa, and it goes on and on,

bottom line - Stress + inability to cope = sz

i am thinking my inability to cope was triggered by lapses in confidence, pressure, depression and probably a few other things as well.

the worry of exams, hormones, failure, mixture of things.

just trying to work things out, (it is never that simple though) i dont think i will remember everything and i dont think i can say with certainty that this caused it, i smoked a bit of dope as well and drank a bit here and there so that could have had an effect.

anyway how about a poll?


  • i have suffered from stress
  • i am suffering from stress
  • i am getting treated for stress
  • stress has not affected me
  • i have good stress
  • other
    [/poll] :confused:

I think this poll might be better if it was one where a person could choose more than one of them - because that is how I would have answered it.

You’d use the coding like this:

[poll type=multiple]
- Option A
- Option B
- Option C
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is that possible?

I experienced extreme stress in college. I went to a survival of the fittest school and picked the hardest major. To say the least, I didn’t make the cut. I was the weakest link.

My system runs on adrenaline and stress. I have a hard time going to sleep at night because it takes a while for the adrenaline to subside. I’ve pretty well gotten used to it, though. I don’t stress out over my stress.

only thing that controls my stress is medication, i think that our AP’s do this as well as helping other things that are maybe just another form of extreme stress.

@astefano i went to a rubbish school and picked hard classes and put myself under loads of pressure for no reason at all, so i would say to people picking classes for college or even school to choose wisely because pressure puts stress on people which leads to worse things if you are not careful.

Living = stress… we’re all experiencing stress…

your right… some is motivating… some is devastating.

I think I bounce between the two.

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