About SNAP/Food Stamps

heard a good clip on NPR this morning

that those who are on it, have been seeing an increase in money,

but most of it is all going to urban America,

but there are so many benefits to a whole small town
if they increased it in places like here.

we’re always left behind, rural America.

idk. feed everybody.

I almost got a job going around to homes in rural Iowa,
doing welfare checks, and other resources,

didn’t get the job cuz I don’t have a degree in social work.

I know what you mean. I had a degree and qualified to be a social services caseworker. At one interview the receptionist pulled a prank, because she wanted someone else to get the job. I’m not sure if my references could have been verified though, and you needed 2. People have always done illegal things, because they didn’t want me to have a decent job, then they complain about people needing financial assistance. Now, they do illegal things because they don’t even want me to have housing.

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Did you ever hear me the time I was on NPR???

ahhh, maybe. what edition, morning, fresh air, or evening?

It was on a show called invisibalia

Back in 2015

I’m pretty sure it aired. That was actually the first time i went to a studio albeit not a musical one

I’m sure miss Miller still has it on file.

not sure what you mean by illegal.

hope you are safe.

Just tampering with things so I would look like a slob, mostly.

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