About running away

My pdoc used to say it was bad to run away. That is just plain silly. Everyone knows life is a matter of advance and retreat. He had delusions.


I ran away a few times and it helped but be careful if your thinking about it. Are you thinking about doing something?

I’m stuck here. The only running away I do is running away in my mind.

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How are you stuck there?

I’m on oxygen and need to be in a home. It’s a good home. But even the best of homes can get difficult.

Right OK so you are on oxygen yeah would be tricky moving around then :thinking:
Do you watch anything, that’s a form of escapism

Surely I do. Music.


It generally doesn’t work. Wherever you go, there you are.

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That is true, there you are - in one condition or another.

That’s if you’re running from yourself it won’t work.
I was running to start a new life away from people I couldn’t live with. It was freeing liberating
Sorry your on oxygen must make it difficult

It makes kayaking challenging.

Hey, @velociraptor, I didn’t know you were on oxygen.

Ha ha you two
I’m trying to watch something here
Your bursting my bubble :laughing:

Escapism is underrated!

I use it for a boost when I’m more active.

Most of the problems people run from are ones they have caused and ones they will cause again elsewhere. If you’re getting out of an abusive situation, fist bump to ya. That’s legit.

I disagree completely , you don’t know it all velociraptor

Sorry velociraptor, I’m a bit off tonight/ today, I’m run down with a cold and I’m not thinking straight much. Your probably right.

The mind is all thats really required to run away anyways.

No worries! Plz get tested if you can, what people think is a cold could be Omicron, it’s spreading so fast. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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